European Red Deer, Chantecler Chickens and Bantams, and Ameraucana Chickens and Bantams

Who We Are

We are Mike and Mary Gilbert of Holmen, Wisconsin.    We live in the hills of western Wisconsin on a part of the farm that Mike grew up on.   We have raised Red Deer commercially since the year 2000 along with our partners, son Rob and friend Chris Olson.   Mike earned the American Poultry Association Master Exhibitor designation in the 1990's for earning sufficient points showing our exhibition quality poultry.    We continue to show on a limited basis each year, but now participate in showing primarily for the fellowship of other poultry fanciers who we count as some of our closest friends.   We continue to ship poultry breeding stock to interested fanciers from coast to coast, and plan to continue to do so as long as the U.S. Postal Service allows.  For more information about our deer/venison operation, please visit us at http://www.redstagacres.com/